All Around The Campfire

The Best Laid Plans

I love planning camping trips! Well, really I love planning any sort of trip, but camping trip planning is my favorite. I have notebooks full of lists, Pinterest boards full of ideas, notes in a phone app, an Amazon wish list a mile long, dog-eared pages of the atlas, and a camping book full of sticky notes marking pages.

This past winter my Sunday mornings were spent holed up in the warm house in my pajamas and glued to my iPad researching anything and everything about camping. I made reservations for several upcoming trips. I made menu plans based on what we ate on last summer’s trips. I went through all the notes I’d made, so I could make a master list of wants and needs. Then I rewrote that list a dozen times, because it was still winter, and I still couldn’t go camping.

Months ago we made reservations for Memorial Day weekend.



We usually camp with our friends, Mike and Shannon, and we’ve worked out a system. Shannon and I sneak out of work early on Friday afternoon, take care of any last minutes details, and then meet at our adjoining sites in the campground. We immediately mix a couple of drinks and then set up camp (our husbands are so lucky to always arrive at fully set up campsite!). Over the last couple of years we’ve developed the perfect (for us) routine, but this year our friends went from an older motorhome to a new trailer. I’m not sure how much that will change our processes. I can’t say I will miss the terrifying procedure of lighting Shannon’s fridge, which involved a screwdriver, a long lighter, and plenty of panic on my end. That fridge is why we started drinking two minutes after arrival at the site!

I’m in the final bit of planning stages, since the trip is only a few days away. Shannon is a planner too, and we bounce we ideas off each other. Friday nights are always the easiest, because we don’t have to worry about meals. Snacking and treats are more the order of business.


Now to see how much of this plan we actually follow, because follow through is the hard part!

Now I just need to figure out what clothes to take. It might be 80 degrees or it might snow. I’d better pack for every possibility, right?




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